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What Can a Professional Headshot Do for Your Business?

What Can a Professional Headshot Do for Your Business?

Date: 28th January 2020 | By: admin
These days, communication between businesses and customers takes place over multiple different visual platforms. Whether it’s social media, advertising banners, television or even traditional billboards, we communicate with our audiences through non-verbal means around 80% of the time. The power of human to human relationships cannot be underestimated, and that’s why the visual branding of your business has such a dramatic impact on its success.

Connecting with your audiences and being relatable means you need to put a face to your business. People can’t connect with a soulless company on a personal level- they need people to represent the brand. This is where the power of a professional headshot can shine.

Professional headshots are everywhere from physical items to online presences

A professional headshot is an investment in your business. It’s something that can be reused multiple times thanks to its versatility and necessity in many different forms of branding. Take business cards as an example; they’re essential when networking at trade shows and with a professional headshot on the card itself, it makes you far more memorable and easier to connect with. When you look back at the swathe of business cards that you’ve collected from an event, how many faces do you truly remember?

Professional online profiles are also becoming more important, especially with the rise of business-focused social media platforms such as LinkedIn. it’s all about creating a good first impression- something that can be achieved with a professional headshot instead of using an old wedding photo or outdated company photo from years ago.

Professional headshots help you build a relatable brand

From billboard advertisments to social media campaigns, professional headshots can help you build a more relatable brand. Professional photography is more than just shooting a photograph on a white background. It’s about wearing the right clothes, being in the right environment and creating a relatable and trustworthy image of your brand or your services. This is what sets apart a new startup or SME from a company that is experiencing international success.

For example, if you’re a legal consultant and you’re looking to boost your branding, then professional headshots can be a great way to market your services. However, it’s important to shoot the right photographs in the right environment, lighting and clothing to create a relatable and trustworthy image of your brand. While it sounds obvious that you don’t want to be wearing sweatpants and a vest for your legal business’s branding, choosing the right outfit and being surrounded by the right location can help you stand out.

Professional headshots are an investment

If you have a smartphone, then you probably have access to a high quality camera and basic photography tools to get the job done right on a budget. Most people go this route when creating the branding for their business or their profile. It might seem like the cheaper and more sensible option, but professional photography is an investment in yourself and your business. It’s a way to express yourself and stand out from the competition, giving you an upper hand when it comes to working with new clients or attracting new customers. It shows confidence, reliability and a unique approach to doing business- and that alone can help you win over your audience.