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Should I Have a Professional Photo on My LinkedIn Profile?

Should I Have a Professional Photo on My LinkedIn Profile?

Date: 30th January 2020 | By: admin
In an age where digital technologies are the norm and the internet is used by everyone, visuals are becoming an increasingly important component when it comes to building your personal brand. In the past, you could get by with credentials and well-written descriptions of yourself. These days, your profile picture speaks louder than your writing.

As more companies start to rely on business-focused social media platforms such as LinkedIn to find new talent and research prospective prospective recruits, having professional a professional profile is becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s the content of your profile or your head-shot, you are expected to invest in your personal branding in order to create a good first impression. You want to seem trustworthy, reliable and hard-working, and many of these qualities can picked up in the way you dress yourself online.

But what’s the difference between a professional photo and a selfie you’ve taken against a white background? Is it really worth investing in a professional photographer just for your LinkedIn profile?

Absolutely! And here’s why.

Your headshot tells more than you think

Recruiters and potential clients can tell a lot from the way you manage your appearance on social media websites like LinkedIn. Your professional headshot is a look into your personality and reliability. Sure, taking your own headshot can give you some points for your self-reliance, but it also shows an unwillingness to invest in yourself.

From the attire you’re wearing to the background that surrounds you, it’s important to control every aspect of your headshot to tell a persona you want to maintain and you need to be in a location that resonates with your intended image. By working with a professional photographer, you can make sure that your personal branding tells the story that you want it to.

Your headshot is an investment

A professional headshot doesn’t mean a single photograph. In fact, a session with a professional photographer could lead to a dozen different photographs, all telling a different story or with the intention of being used in different places. You can mix up the lighting, aesthetics, and even your clothing to get a wide selection of professional headshots that you can use for many different purposes. That’s why a professional headshot should be considered an investment.

Not only does it work wonders on your LinkedIn profile, but it can also be used for website profiles, other social media websites and even business cards. Networking is a huge factor in your professional career, and having headshots ready for your social media profiles and other professional applications can be the difference between landing a contract and being ignored. You want people to see that you’ve invested in yourself and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to improve your appearance and show your audience that you respect yourself. It goes a long way to define yourself as a reliable and hard-working individual that isn’t afraid to invest in themselves.