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Better headshots = Better roles

Hello! I’m Kimberley, the founder of Soul Rebel Headshots & I shoot contemporary & relevant headshots to raise your online profile & get you better opportunities.

Combine a profession where image is everything with today’s fast-moving digital environment and it has never been more important to manage and cultivate your online presence.

My focus is creating intelligent visuals, so you can communicate powerfully before meeting that casting director or agent & get eyeballs where you want them – bang on you.

We’ll shoot headshots which show your range & also an authentic version of yourself in the very best of light.

The beauty of a digital first environment is that you have the power to create your own following. Increasingly actors are able to create opportunities based on the influence they already have.

So convey and communicate the real you, the authentic you and showcase your range – you know you only have seconds to get the attention of a busy casting director or agent so make your headshot work for you.

We help actors own and perfect the value and power their digital image. A better image means better opportunities and better roles – the opportunities you deserve.

Explore your Soul Rebel Headshot:

Award Winning Photographer (ASOS photo comp 2018 & UK SME AWARDS 2019)
Your casting range shot creatively for your perfect portfolio
Expert guidance to have you responding like a pro in front of the camera
Super hot tips to get the most out of your session - see FAQs below
Pro Level Canon equipment & pro level contemporary hand retouching (no airbrushing)
Soul Rebel Headshots is based at Soho Works which is part of Soho House group & shoots from both the Shoreditch & White City Locations. Actor Headshots are most frequently shot at Shoreditch & combined with outside shoots to get great range. We also shoot outside in Brixton as it’s a beautiful playground of backdrops for headshots which get you noticed.

We work with a combination of natural light & studio light dependant on the setting.

We’ll guide you through your session utilising tried & tested techniques as we go, we then aim to power up your profile by getting a game-changing set of headshots that will allow you to level up your career and the opportunities you receive.


How does it work?
What to wear for actor headshots?
A spot appeared!
Make-up - suggestions?
How should I style my hair?
How does the editing process work?
Payment terms?
My agent wishes view the gallery?
What about selecting final headshots?
How many shots do you take?
Turnaround times?
Where can I get headshots done?
How to look my best for my headshots?
It's raining!
Don't like my photo taken 🙁
I'm a bearded man!
I'm a bearded man!
Are you Covid Secure?
Do I pay a deposit?
Can I keep all of the shots?
How shall I pose?
Do you keep shots in case I’d like more later?


Actors | Outside | Brixton

  • Shooting outside in the beautiful Brixton with some amazing backdrops.
  • 1.5-2hr session
  • Arrive ready to go
  • 3-5 x clothing changes
  • Private online gallery
  • 4 x pro retouched image included (3 of your choices & 1 of mine)
  • Extra images £20 each
one-off *

Actors | Home Studio & outside | Brixton

  • A super amazing portfolio for your acting profile.
  • 2hr-2.5hr session designed to deliver your range & looks.
  • Shooting at my home studio in Brixton currently & outside in Brixton.
  • Unlimited changes - 5 x changes is great! Can shave or trim halfway if bearded.
  • Private online gallery
  • 4 x pro retouched image included (3 of your choices & 1 of mine)
  • Extra images £20 each
one-off *

Actors | Outside headshots & portfolio | Nottinghill

  • Absolutely perfect for an entirely fresh spotlight profile. Time to experiment / review & discuss as we go.
  • 3-3.5hr shoot time to deliver a fantastic range of scenes & emotives.
  • Unlimited changes - 8 is possible here! Ample time for changing wardrobe & hairstyles.
  • Private online gallery
  • 6 x pro retouched images included (5 of your choices & 1 of mine)
  • Extra images £20 each
one-off *
* Due to maintaining social distancing we are currently not shooting in our Soho House space & offering outside shoots in Brixton & Nottinghill. Shoots maintain a 1-2 metre distance & will help you to return to market with confidence. Thank you kindly for your understanding at this time.

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