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What are Business Branding Headshots?

Business branding headshots quite simply are professional headshots or portraits which convey your very own brand & style. Your business brand headshot will show you as the most stunning version of yourself to effectively communicate who you are & your message to the world. This could be posed as a 'traditional' headshot or could be shot 'reportage' style whilst you are speaking // performing // working.

Business branding can also extend out to models representing your brand too. We can arrange commercial shoots & effectively deliver powerful business branding styled to your specification & message.

Check out our Business branding headshots gallery here to get a flavour.

Soul rebel headshots have photographed a huge variety of people in professions ranging from investment bankers to yoga teachers to PHDs to sales teams to CEOs to Health experts to creatives. Are you next? ;)

What am I going to use my business branding headshots for?

A picture is worth a thousand words right?! 

You won't need us to talk about the benefit of having a contemporary & professional headshots on your profiles. The impact & value of a powerful headshot is pretty much indisputable. 

Along with using your professional headshots for business websites, a professional LinkedIn photo is key. Your business headshots can also be presented with business blogs, business email signatures, business media platforms/intranets, Industry specific events/exhibitions & articles where you will feature.

An aspect you may not have considered so far is aligning your social media as well. By improving all of your profiles on your social media platforms, you will make the most of all opportunities for yourself. Recommendations always arrive from people you know & there could be many contacts on your facebook list who would be able to recommend you in a professional capacity at some stage.

Aligning your headshot images in all media is a great way to let your network know your current story, the level you are performing at & create new opportunities. Media includes Facebook, instagram, snapchat, tumblr, pinterest & v importantly don't forget your Whatsapp profile pic! :) Albeit social media may be a a little less 'professional' looking than your Linkedin headshot.

I'm a creative & I need a creative headshot please 🙏🏼

Hello fellow creative!

Yes! We can do that :)

Tell us your story & vibe, show us your face & we'll work out a creative plan :)

Can you shoot me in action at an event // speaking on stage // show // etc etc

Absolutely! We've shot many people in action at events. Either reportage style or we can help pose OR most effectively both.

I'm a CEO // business owner & I need the full works.

Lead from the front, so corporate headshots are a great plan of action! 

Lets talk about your goals, profession & desired image ...and we'll style your desired images. Message us here to start talking.

Ok, I've realised I need to align my image on business & social media platforms - how do I do this?

Easy peasy!

Check out our gallery here & decide which package is right for you.

Drop us a mail here & we'll book you in pronto.

Don't forget to scroll down the rest of the Business Branding Headshot FAQs here to help you be as prepared as possible & look your absolute stunning best for the day of your headshot shoot.

What to wear for professional headshots?

Clothes & colours will make a big contribute to the 'eye-catchability' of your ultimate image. Our advice would be to bring too much clothing rather than too little with you to your headshot session - a small suitcase is perfect! 


As a general rule, bright colours & patterns are a little distracting in corporate headshots. That said & done, there are always exceptions especially if you are a soul rebel ;) If you happen to be a big, smiley personality or/& have dark coloured skin, then strong colours & patterns can sometimes work. If colours & patterns are what you would normally wear, bring some of these items & DEFINITELY bring lots of neutral options too.

Colours which accentuate your eye colour are an absolute must for your headshot. Borrow/beg/buy if you don't own complimentary colours as per below:

Blue eyes: Blue tops. Simply as - must bring blue tops. Stronger tones better than pastel. It is the #1 colour to accentuate your eye colour in your headshot & put one of your best features forwards. Please beware of wearing green, it slightly dilutes beautiful blue eyes in a photo. Feel free to bring green if you love your green top - just also have other colours & LOADS of blue.

Green/Hazel eyes: Green is where it's at. Totally bring green. Green eyes are rare you lucky thing you & very beautiful, so let's show the word. Gotta bring green. Right? :) Please be careful of blue, it tends to remove green in an image. If your blue top is a favourite, still bring it & bring lots of green & some other colours too.

Brown eyes: Big congrats! The most versatile eye colour. Green a great colour for brown eyes & veering towards earthy tones for a headshot is also great idea. Brown eyes can also most easily handle colours with strength & depth.

AVOID PLEASE: Motifs, logos, designs, illustrations on the front of tops. No lace, no crochet, no polo necks, no heavy detail. They provide distraction from the main focus, which is of course your gorgeous face :)

BLACK TOPS! ALWAYS bring black tops please. If all else in your bag fails, your black top is your hero. A simple fitted black top//t-shirt//shirt. Men - this may simply be a white shirt for corporate headshots.

A variety of colours arriving with you for your session is a great plan! A professional camera sees colours a bit differently at large megapixels in an 8x10 crop, than your naked eye does in 'real life'. So, your favourite white coloured top may seem completely different in your headshot image, than in your mirror at home.


Let's chat bras! Please, please, please wear a bra which does not show outside or through a top as it renders a headshot unusable, unshootable or needs to visit a photoshop guru from planet photoshop (£££).

Ladies & Men:

Tops which are fitted or at least slightly fitted are best. They ideally need to hold the contour & shape of your shoulders & body. Baggy tops make everyone look bigger than what they are - nicely defined lines are better ;)

Make-up - what to do?

This is very personal to your own personal // professional brand. Some thought needs to be given to what your make up is on a daily basis. If you have eyeliner a la Amy Winehouse & that's your style then go with that. Likewise if your more natural then go with that look. We'd definitely advise wearing make up - it simply looks better on camera. 
A few tips - Concealer & powder together is a great combo. Heavy foundation usually looks heavy in a photo (surprise surprise) & ensure that foundation/concealer/powder all match your current skin tone. Skin colour changes with seasons. Go easy or leave off on anything darker - eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil. These can look strong on camera as the lens will readily soak up colour. Mascara is best before it's reached the 'clumpy' stage of it's life yet ;) Lightly apply mascara on your lower lashes.
A little blusher is great. Blusher on top of cheekbones can make faces look rounded & a little 80s. Blusher where your cheeks suck in generally adds more contour & shape.
Lipstick/ligloss is a great idea!

Bare minerals make up has a luminescence which looks great in shots!

Feel free to come lightly made up & you can add more as we go.

Make-up &/or Hair Artists are possible to arrange for either just the start or the whole of your session & price will range between £75-£150 dependant on level & how long they are needed for.

What to do with my hair? 

Book in for trims/colours in your diary a week before your professional headshots - hair sometimes needs time to settle & this allows time to rectify any hair disasters. Definitely trim fringes a few days before your session - they have a habit of growing quickly & your eyes are the most important aspect of your headshot.
Make it neat - it will show in a photo. Hairspray is often a good friend.
Potetially get a blow dry on the way to your session? Saves worrying about what to do. Long/medium length hair is great as a mixture of up & down during sessions to add variety to headshots.

Plan out a few hair styles beforehand, so you know what to do on the day & can maximise shoot time.

Want to shave your head & have shots before & after? No problem, we'll split the session in half by a few days & you can visit a hairdresser in between. 

I've got a beard? 

Have a trim a few days beforehand, so it’s neat.

You're welcome to shave halfway through OR we can split the session into 2 halves with a few days in between. If you're going completely clean shaven it might be good to give your skin time to settle after a razor for the first time in a while. 

I'm nervous having my photo taken // dislike my photo taken // I always look terrible in photos    :((((

Totally understandable. You are some of the most rewarding people to work with :) We're a friendly, compassionate crew, who want to see you reach your full potential ...& we LOVE seeing you over the moon surprised at how beautiful your headshots are upon delivery.

Your mind will influence your life, opportunities & success - thoughts create your life, so choose the good ones! Feeling nervous or fear around your headshots means you're stepping outside of your comfort zone, which is where your dreams will truly come alive. Congratulations!

We’ll get to know you a little first over a tea so we understand your profession, your style & your goals. We work collaboratively & we will direct where needed to create your most impactful headshots to date.  We always have fun! This helps create 'THE' shots. 'THE' shots that show your soul. Oh yes - 'THE BOOM' shot. 

Where can I get headshots done?

We have spaces at Pop Brixton & Brixton Town Hall, both situated a few minutes walk from Brixton tube. Sessions are usually a mix of inside & outside shooting (although if super cold then we may stay inside) potentially using both natural light & studio lights. This provide great range & variety.

Business branding headshot sessions can also be arranged in a different location (discussion beforehand is wise) or event. We will happily shoot you in action at speaking events, launches, your offices/studios, business networking, client events, away days ...or any other relevant event happening which will add to the strength of your business branding.

Check out our business branding packages for further details & be sure to email us to discuss on location shooting.

How to look my best for my headshots?

It's stuff you already know :) Drink lots of water, get loads of sleep, workout/run/gym/yoga & eat healthy prior to your session (cut down on sugar & caffeine). This helps your skin to be it's most beautiful & luminescent.

No alcohol (sorry!) on the day of the shoot or day before - our pro level lenses will show up an alcohol induced 'tiredness' in your headshot. 

A spot appeared!

Probably because you have your headshots booked! This is where we utilise photoshop magic :)

...& yes, we can utilise photoshop to correct other anomalies too whilst ensuring you still look like you. Don't be shy - just ask. 

Should I smile or look serious?

A range is always an excellent plan!

Be prepared to experiment on the day. The best creations usually arrive from the unexpected ✨

How does the editing process work?

Your professional headshots will be edited by hand on a completely bespoke basis. It's paramount that your headshots look like you, so we subtly 'clean up' images. This means tidying stray hairs, evening out skin tone & potentially making an image lighter/darker as whole or in segments.  

Anything which doesn't normally feature on your face will be removed - such as blemishes, redness & dry skin.

Permanent features such as moles, scars, lines, eye shadowing & birth marks are what makes you, your very own magical you. They are your character, your experience & your wisdom. People will obviously be seeing these aspects of your appearance when they meet you, so it is wise to keep them included in your headshot. That said & done, if they appear to stand out more in the finished image than they normally do when face to face then I would suggest we subtly lighten them to how you appear in person.

Each shot take between 20-40 mins to complete using this method. It's not the quickest - but it produces the highest quality results & that's how we roll :)

Left shot is unedited - right shot is edited as an example..

Payment terms? 

Cash on the day or bank transfer to arrive in our account prior to session commencement, thank you please. 

This saves millions of years (feels like it) of admin time chasing around reconciling later. Keeps prices sharp this way ;)

Do you take a deposit?

Yes, 25% deposit upon booking. If you need to reschedule the date for any reason we're happy to move dates with 48hrs notice or more. 

If there has been some kind of emergency within 48hrs prior to your headshot session - tell us - we're very understanding peoples & will try to help.

Turnaround times?

Your private online gallery will be ready 24-48hrs following on from your shoot. 

Retouching is 7-10 working days from when your final selection is received. Maybe quicker!

We always aim for as quick as possible :)

Do you keep shots in case I’d like more later?

Headshots are kept in the cloud for 6 months. If you'd like extra shots later, they are priced at £35 as it always takes longer to find/discuss/edit later. 

Extra shots are £25 if edited in a batch following on from your headshot session.

How many shots do you take?

As a rough guide, you will receive circa 40-50 shots in your gallery per hour of shoot time. 

We focus on variety, quality of the image & cultivating collaboration during the shoot, rather than shooting hundreds of frames.

How shall I pose?

Feel free to experiment! 

We can help you create a variety of responses which will generate real expressions & emotions.

We also have a few tricks up our sleeves which we will teach you to ensure you look like a total pro in your headshots :)

What about selecting final headshots?

You will have access to a private online gallery accessed via the soul rebel headshots website & can star your favourites.

Galleries will be made available 24-48hrs after a shoot.

Can I keep all of the shots? 

Apologies, but no. We only deliver fully retouched shots. It won’t do any of us any favours to have unedited shots in public forum representing us professionally. Extra retouched shots are £25 per shot at the time of selection. £35 per shot if it's after a period of time & not edited as a batch following on from the shoot. It always takes longer to go back later.

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