corporate headshots FAQs

I'm a corporate business looking to schedule corporate headshots for our team - how does it work?

We're here to help your business create the right corporate headshot images to get your people better connected with your current & potential network. Relationships are everything in business & reaching the right audience is critical, but you don't need us to spell that out. Soul rebel headshots has a long cv of experience in the corporate market working with a range a clients from blue chip organisations to niche creatives. Our goal is help you better connect with your audience through A class headshot imagery so you can reach your goals, dreams & business targets for the year!

Working with us is super easy!

EMAIL US HERE TO GET A QUOTE or give us a call on 07767 677055.

We'll need to know the number of people who need corporate headshots, location of headshots & the media where headshot imagery will be used. It's also helpful for us to know a bit about your company message, style & ethos, so enable the design of corporate headshots to suit your company's personality & audience. We'll then propose a plan of how we can best deliver together.

Feel free to give us a steer on the style of shots you'd like - our galleries are perfect for ideas. Have a look in both the corporate headshot gallery & the business branding gallery.

Where are corporate headshots carried out?

Our professional level kit & team travels anywhere & everywhere. More often than not for corporate headshots, we'll come to your offices. Although we reckon we could even get our kit up Everest - probably with the help of a Sherpa or two. Which by the way we’d like to do - would you? Combining business with great people & crazy good dreams is what we do best :)) 

Anyway, back here on planet London we’re more than happy to come to your office or a location of your choosing to facilitate the photographing of corporate headshots for your fabulous team. 

It is also possible to come to the soul rebel headshots offices in our hometown residence of Brixton, London. 

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